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Project No. 338



Set on a flat corner site, the Bay Residence stands as a testament to architectural brilliance, making the most of its sprawling 700+ square metre site.

Crowned with the 2016 Built Environment Award for Most Creative Design, this home was masterfully crafted with a focus on sophisticated entertaining spaces and thoughtful zoning. The Bay Residence showcases an unparalleled blend of design ingenuity and functionality.

Upon entering the Bay, guests are greeted by an awe-inspiring foyer that stretches skyward, guiding the gaze to the first-floor landing above. This grand entrance basks in a double-height void, engulfed in a flood of natural light that dances to the rhythm of Melbourne’s dynamic climate, creating a welcoming ambiance that shifts with the day.

The design ethos revolves around a palette of muted tones, elevated by a meticulous selection of textures and materials. Luxurious oak, robust steel, and sleek concrete—signature materials of mckimm homes—form a harmonious symphony of textures that enrich the space without overwhelming it. These choices reflect our design team's eye for detail and their ability to blend aesthetics with comfort.

Despite its expansive scale, the Bay Residence fosters a sense of intimacy and connection among its inhabitants. It artfully marries communal living with personal retreats, ensuring that each space caters to the human needs for sociability and solitude. In every corner, in every room, the Bay Residence is not just a house; it's a sanctuary designed for togetherness, privacy, and the celebration of life's moments.



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