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Project No. 336



The Bayside residence reimagines the concept of open living with its strategic use of full-height glazing and a meticulously designed entrance that establishes a line of sight stretching from the front door to the very end of the property. This home stands as a testament to thoughtful architecture, where every line and dimension is choreographed to harmonize with the next, creating a seamless flow of space across multiple volumes and elevations. Oriented to capture the morning light, its eastern façade bathes the main living areas in a soft, natural glow, enhancing the connection between indoor and outdoor environments.

Adopting a minimalist approach, the Bayside house fosters a sense of warmth and intimacy, making it the perfect backdrop for moments shared with loved ones. The deliberate balance of materials—concrete for its solidity, steel for its strength, and natural timber for its warmth—gives the Sussex residence a unique visual identity.

At the heart of the Bayside's design philosophy is a desire to maximize the infusion of natural light within its walls and to blur the boundaries between the home’s interior and its lush surroundings. Achieved through symmetry and a soothing neutral color scheme, the residence promises an effortless lifestyle and a sanctuary that its occupants will cherish for generations. The Bayside residence doesn't just offer a place to live—it promises a living experience that is as beautiful as it is functional.



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