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Project No. 337



The Bolton presents itself as a sanctuary meticulously crafted to accommodate the dynamic lifestyle of a young family of four, whose passions lie in the realms of entertaining and embracing the great outdoors.

This home is designed to fuse the concept of unity and open space while establishing distinct living zones. The goal was to create an inclusive environment where moments can be shared with loved ones without sacrificing the comfort and tranquility of a cohesive home atmosphere. This delicate balance ensures a seamless flow between communal areas, fostering a space where every corner resonates with the warmth of family life.

As you enter the Bolton, the immediate sense of openness greets you, highlighted by a striking light-filled void that lies at the heart of the home’s architectural philosophy. This central void not only brings the outdoors in but ingeniously separates the study from the main entrance with an architectural feature wall of off-form concrete. This wall supports the elegant cantilevered oak staircase, a sculptural piece in its own right, that bridges the lower and upper realms of the home.

The staircase acts as a conduit, not just physically connecting the two floors but also visually tying the ground to the sky. It amplifies the home’s spaciousness and draws the eye upward, enhanced by an oversized skylight draped with timber slats. This natural light installation plays with the sun’s movements, casting an ever-changing tableau of light and shadows that dance across the home’s surfaces, adding an ethereal quality to the interior ambiance.

In the Bolton, the choice of materials speak to a desire for both beauty and resilience. Concrete, timber, and steel are employed not just for their durability but also for how they harmonize with the natural light that floods in from the north. This interaction creates an interior that is ever-responsive to the shifting moods of Melbourne’s weather, offering the family a backdrop that evolves with the day.

Beyond its architectural finesse, the Bolton is a chameleon of space—adapting, changing, and providing a comforting haven for its residents. It stands as a testament to thoughtful design, where every element conspires to craft not just a house, but a home filled with unique moments and a profound sense of belonging for the family it shelters.



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