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Project No. 346



The Exon residence is a majestic fusion of panoramic vistas, embracing both Port Phillip Bay and the Melbourne city skyline, spread across four expansive levels. This architectural masterpiece thoughtfully integrates the client's Swiss heritage, presenting a harmonious blend of traditional design elements with a contemporary flair.

The genesis of the Exon was marked by a unique collaboration between the clients and the mckimm design team. A simple sketch, brimming with ideas and personal touches, laid the foundation for this project. The clients invited the designers into their world, sharing their vision and the essence of the ambiance they aspired to recreate in the Exon residence. Central to their vision was a desire to weave a tapestry of design features and finishes that nod to their European roots, marrying the old with the new in a beautifully contrasted dance.

Internally, the Exon is enveloped in dark, moody tones that are simultaneously softened by the infusion of natural light and enriched by meticulous detailing. The design narrative is consistent across all levels, ensuring a seamless flow through the living zones. This connection is further enhanced by clean, symmetrical lines and a careful balance of materials, spatial design, and the strategic use of natural light.

The design incorporates a plethora of practical European innovations and products, meticulously selected by the clients. Notably, a saut-de-loup ingeniously channels sunlight and air into the laundry area, enhancing the functionality of the drying spaces. The addition of a mudroom near the main entrance and a rustic, French-made V3 Cheminées Philippe fireplace in the living area introduces elements of European charm and warmth into the home.

Despite its grand scale, the Exon residence achieves a remarkable level of functionality, fostering a sense of interconnectivity throughout the home. This not only speaks to the architectural ingenuity behind its design but also to the intimate understanding of the clients' lifestyle and heritage, making the Exon a true sanctuary of connected living spaces.



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