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Project No. 351


Black Rock

The Fourth House stands as a testament to thoughtful architectural design, fostering a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living. Its design ethos revolves around creating a seamless flow, or "transterior" experience, where the boundaries between inside and outside gracefully dissolve, encouraging interaction across its elegantly simple zones.

Architecturally, the home unfolds in an L-shape, a layout that's both a nod to the distinctive mckimm aesthetic and a functional response to the site's natural incline. This strategic formation allows the Fourth House to navigate the terrain's gradient through a captivating sequence of tiers and layers, offering unique spatial experiences within its diverse volumes.

Upon entering, visitors are greeted with a striking double-height glass atrium, flooding the space with light and framing the stunning views of the infinity-edge pool and expansive garden, immediately establishing a connection with the outdoors.

Designed with the family's five rescue dogs in mind, the Fourth House integrates a dark, neutral palette with robust, textural finishes. The choice of materials—glass for transparency and light, concrete for durability and strength, and timber for warmth and texture—reflects a deep consideration for practicality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a space that is both functional and visually compelling.

This award-winning residence, situated mere steps from the beach, epitomizes a lifestyle where luxury meets practicality, underpinned by a strong affinity with nature. The core ambition behind the Fourth House was to craft a sanctuary that celebrates the joy of communal living, welcoming both humans and pets alike into a space designed for shared experiences and lasting memories.



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