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Project No. 343



Mills, where naturally illuminated spaces harmonize functionality with introspection, fostering a comfortable and inviting home environment.

This architectural masterpiece is characterized by a pair of rectilinear volumes elegantly stacked upon one another, defining the residence with a contemporary identity. Within this cube-like structure, clean lines and symmetrical design principles reign supreme, ensuring a seamless division of spaces without compromising the fluidity of movement between living areas. Expansive glass fenestration on both levels offers panoramic views of the pool and garden areas, while bathing the north-facing rear of the home in an abundance of natural light.

The distinctive layering of materials—concrete, zinc, and cedar—lends warmth and texture to The Mills, endowing it with an inviting street presence. Internally, a striking timber staircase, anchored by an off-form concrete wall, ascends alongside double-height windows, infusing the main passageway with a soft glow of daylight. Thoughtful design flourishes, such as a teal velvet breakfast seat and patterned tiling in the children's bathrooms, add depth and personality to the project, creating a captivating juxtaposition against the neutral palette chosen by the clients.

Designed with functionality in mind, Mills offers a spacious layout that emphasizes open, fluid spaces, facilitating seamless transitions between zones. Large glass sliding panels blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor realms, fostering a connection to nature and ensuring adaptability to the ever-changing needs of the family. With contemporary styling that exudes character and comfort, The Mills provides a welcoming sanctuary for the family to cherish for years to come.



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