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Project No. 350

north caulfield

North Caulfield

North Caulfield, where contemporary design meets functionality in a symphony of clean lines, harmonious materiality, and abundant natural light.

At the heart of this residence lies a vision to create a holiday retreat—a sanctuary where the family can gather, celebrate, and entertain loved ones. With durability and flexibility as paramount considerations for the family of five, the home is thoughtfully designed to accommodate their passion for modern art while providing a versatile living environment.

From its sleek, contemporary lines to its open voids and cantilevered spaces, the design strategy of North Caulfield residence is a testament to modern architectural principles. A sculptural pendant in the double-height entrance sets the stage for drama, creating a visual connection to the internal spaces and welcoming guests with a sense of grandeur. Throughout the home, extensive layering of concrete, timber, and recycled brick celebrates the beauty of natural materials, complementing the restrained color palette favored by the clients.

Designed with the needs of a young family in mind, every element of North Caulfield residence is carefully considered to encourage clever zoning and foster family interaction. The result is a space that seamlessly blends form and function, offering practicality and comfort without compromising on the home's minimalistic and refined design ethos.

Whether it's unwinding in the open living spaces, showcasing art collections, or enjoying quality time together, North Caulfield offers a haven where modern living meets timeless elegance—a place to create cherished memories for years to come.



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