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Project No. 369

round choreography


Round Choreography epitomizes the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces, capturing the essence of family life within a resilient and authentic architectural framework.

Drawing your attention as you traverse the breezeway, a captivating feature awaits: a circular window that serves as an unexpected focal point, inviting you to explore further. Inside, carefully choreographed lines of sight and symmetrical design elements create a sense of balance and harmony, while the rich textures of natural materials such as concrete, stone, and timber celebrate the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Against a backdrop of darker natural finishes, the master suite stands out as a sanctuary designed to maximize connection with the outdoors. From the bed itself, views extend across the sunken courtyard atrium, framed by the circular aperture, allowing for a dynamic interplay of light and shadow throughout the day and night.

As a contemporary interpretation of the modern family home, Round Choreography is a testament to intuitive design tailored to the needs of a growing household. The living areas are thoughtfully crafted to foster interaction and engagement, both in terms of functionality and emotional connection, ensuring that the home remains a dynamic and evolving space that adapts seamlessly to the changing needs of its occupants over time.



interior design & styling

project management


mckimm care

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