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Project No. 355



A celebration of materiality, the Sussex house stands as a testament to architectural finesse, where strong, symmetrical lines meet the subtle allure of curves. This substantial residence leaves no corner untouched, seamlessly articulating the journey between spaces to foster a sense of intimacy amidst its grandeur.

Stepping through the oversized pivot front door, a seamless biophilic connection unfolds, effortlessly linking the indoor and outdoor realms. Designed to embrace the ever-changing dance of sunlight, the Sussex house captures the northern solar aspect, offering a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow that evolves with the passage of seasons.

An ode to tone and texture, the Sussex house captivates with its harmonious blend of natural and raw materials. From the rugged beauty of concrete and stone to the warmth of timber, porcelain, bluestone, and brick, each element intertwines to create a cohesive indoor-outdoor aesthetic, suffused with the gentle glow of natural light.

Within this architectural masterpiece, the master suite basks in the gentle embrace of the east, welcoming early morning sunrises as a daily ritual. Meanwhile, the expansive kitchen takes center stage as a hub of activity and connection. Against a backdrop of deep blues, charcoals, and brass accents, carefully curated furniture selections infuse unexpected moments of intrigue throughout the home's interior.

Spacious yet intimate, connected yet purposeful, the Sussex house offers an environment without compromise—an embodiment of thoughtful design and deliberate craftsmanship.



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