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Project No. 328



Maximizing the north-west orientation of the block and its strategic corner positioning along an adjoining laneway, the Wolseley embodies a sophisticated interplay of architectural prowess and thoughtful design integration.

Conceptually crafted in an L-shape formation, the home orbits around a central oasis: a captivating pool and garden enclave. Engineered with a keen focus on energy efficiency and zoning requirements, the Wolseley seamlessly fosters connectivity between its shared spaces, facilitating effortless circulation across its three levels. Envisioned by clients who seek daily engagement with every facet of their abode, the design ensures that each inch of the block is both embraced and optimized.

Embracing an aesthetic of unadulterated material honesty and expression, the Wolseley showcases the innate beauty of glass, concrete, steel, and natural timber. Contemporary styling complements the raw essence of these finishes, infusing the home with a sense of understated elegance and organic allure. Across each level, a myriad of design expressions unfold, creating a dynamic tapestry of visual intrigue.

Tailored to meet the dynamic needs of a burgeoning young family of five, the Wolseley stands as a testament to meticulous design finesse and intuitive functionality. At every turn, contrasts, textures, and layers harmonize to create a residence that not only captivates the eye but also embraces the essence of modern family living with unparalleled grace.



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