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Project No. 321



Inspired by the relaxed and airy lifestyle of Palm Springs, infused with the timeless allure of mid-century architecture, the Yuille residence stands as a testament to modern elegance and functional design.

As showcased on Grand Designs Australia, this remarkable abode boasts a distinctive u-shaped layout, with a serene saltwater pool serving as its central focal point. Embracing the coveted northern orientation, the sprawling half-acre property is thoughtfully curated for outdoor living, featuring a tennis court, alfresco dining area, and ample space for entertaining.

A defining feature of the Yuille residence is its innovative floating roofline—a feat that posed both a fundamental design challenge and an exquisite architectural achievement. Ingeniously engineered to maintain a one-degree fall, the roof appears to effortlessly hover above the ground, offering unobstructed vistas from the upstairs master bedroom to the scenic surroundings below.

At the heart of the home, natural light and verdant greenery converge to create a tranquil oasis. Stepping through the front double doors, guests are greeted by the majestic presence of a Canadian Maple tree, which serves as a dynamic centerpiece, evolving with the changing seasons.

Numerous skylights and an expansive atrium work in tandem to infuse the living spaces with an abundance of natural light, while a light and airy color palette sets the stage for iconic mid-century furnishings and soft accents.

Designed with a keen focus on intelligent zoning and seamless indoor-outdoor integration, the Yuille residence offers an open, inviting oasis where pavilions intersect to create a space characterized by lightness and transparency. Drawing inspiration from the essence of Palm Springs and mid-century design principles, the Yuille residence epitomizes modern family living, fostering a sense of togetherness and connectivity at every turn.



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